Best Winter Clothes

The freezing temperature, the strong winds and the falling snow. And you can absolutely tell, the winter is arriving. As the season arrives, you try to get yourself the best winter apparel which is efficient and stylish as well. The fashion industry has developed so well, the consumers have endless choices from where they can choose the best winter wear which they can use to clothe themselves with. The winter clothing has evolved so much with unique styles and the best winter apparel becomes the style statement.

The common perception about the apparels is why there is a huge difference between the prices of various winter coats. Basically the difference is caused by the quality, length, and most importantly the brand. Bigger the brand, higher the cost and also better the quality. The most expensive winter fur in today’s date are the furs of animals like Vicuna, Sable, Lynx, and Chinchilla.


The fur of Vicuna has been considered the most expensive and of the best quality. Vicuna fur is considered to be luxurious and obviously not affordable for all the consumers. The quality of this fur is so good and elegant which makes it pricy. Vicuna is found in Peru and this animal is also considered very valuable and some people even consider it to be holy.


Second comes the Sable which is also known to be Soft gold. This winter fur is also considered one among the most expensive winter fur coats. One big reason which makes sable fur coat stand out is the addition of the natural materials into the product which also makes this winter coat very efficient and effective. Even when you try considering various textures and colour combinations, Sable fur will surely give you the best results. The sable coats bear a price up to 60,000 dollars.


Third one in the row is the Chinchilla fur coat. The fur of this winter outfit belongs to the animal named chinchilla. This animal owns the thickest pile, a single bulb in this animal grows up to 60-80 hair which is comparatively the highest among the other animals. The texture of this fur coat is extremely soft and smooth and also easy to handle. Adding to the beauty of this fur coat is the unique hair colour of this animal. When you choose to prioritize colour and the feel of the fur coats, always go for the chinchilla fur coats.


Next comes the Lynx. The lynx fur is considered to be absolutely rare and one of the best quality fur coats. The unique selling price of this fur coat is its variation in texture and also the contrast on the skins. It’s basically used for collars, cuffs, belts. The high price of this winter coat is also due to its rare availability.

For all of them who can afford these expensive, high quality winter fur coats, the idea of choosing one among these has become quite difficult considering the excellent quality provided by all of them. With these arrivals in the world market, consumers have become choosier and they want the best for them. The winter apparel which meets both cost efficiency and effectiveness wins more of the customer preference and hence the brand rules the market.

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