Best Leather Shoes for Men’s to Buy in India

Leather shoes play a major role in the formal attire for every men’s in society. When it comes to any business events, formal party or any other occasion if you are wearing formals in the top and bottom then for the footwear Leather shoes are must for every need. There are multiple brands for leather shoes in India where you can pick your favourable shoes as per your needs and budget. To help you find best leather shoes mens we have come up with a list of amazing collections you can buy for yourself. To find out more kindly continue reading the following article below:

  • Bata:

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If you are looking for a pure leather shoe brand that is made and handcrafted in India then Bata is a brand you can go for. From flip flops to formal shoes as an Indian, we have been wearing them since our childhood and we have experienced the best quality and durability in their products. Bata was established in the year 1894 in Zlin and it has arrived in India in the year 1931 and currently, this company has occupied almost half of the footwear market.

  • Louis Phillipe:

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Owned by Madura Fashion and Lifestyle which is a division of Aditya Birla group the Louis Phillipe is one of the best professional best leather shoes mens you can find in the Indian market. Louis Phillipe is known for its amazing collection of formal wear in the Indian market. Starting from formal Shirts, Trousers, belts and other accessories they are the best in the Indian market. When it comes to formal shoes that are made with pure leather they have a wide range of different varieties Leather Shoes of different colour combinations and designs. You can try out the lace-up shoes or the loafers type design, they have the best collection in the market as per some of the sources.

  • Red Tape:

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When it comes to top-quality leather products whether it is wallets, shoes, belts pf other accessories, Red Tape is also one of the leading manufacturers for Leather Shoes in India. They have a wide range of pure leather shoes which varies from designs, colours and sizes. For a very well dressed man, the shoes from Red Tape will enhance the entire attire perfectly.

As we have mentioned earlier, shoes play a major role in the formal attire for every man in society. With the above list of best leather shoes mens will brief you about some of the best brands you can try out for your formal attire.

Happy reading.

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